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Ricolino has an important variety of non-spicy Latino candies for every taste. Paleta Payaso, Bubulubu, Kranky and Moritas have an important place in the final purchase decision. Increase the average purchase amount by placing these eye-catching products in your counter. 

Case Count:

Bubulubu Single: 192 units ($0.40/unit)

Bubulubu Display (8ct display box): 12 display boxes per case ($2.97/unit)

Duvalin 18-pack Display Box : 24 display boxes ($1.82/unit)

Kranky: 80 units ($0.50/unit)

Mini Bubulubu: 5 units (($2.37/unit)

Panditas: 6 units ($1.07/unit)

Ricofiesta: 4 units ($9.35/unit)


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