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Zambos Plaintain Chips are the most popular snack in Honduras, try these snacks from the banana republic in 6 different flavors

Barcel POP

Crunch into an explosion of exciting popcorn flavors that will make your taste buds pop. Challenge yourself with Fuego®, satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with Crunchy Caramel and add a little bit of tangy spice to your day with Jalapeño Cheddar. It’s playful food for wholesome fun no matter where you are. Make the moment POP with Barcel® Popcorn (note: not available in Austin yet)


Winnuts is a leading brand of peanuts and snacks, try in different kinds of flavors! (note: not available in Dallas & Houston)

Barcel Watz™

Watz™ are fun to eat cheesy snacks with the perfect combination of crunchiness and electric flavor. With its lightning bolt shape, Watz is sure to shock things up! (note: not available in Austin yet)


Carnisnacks are crunchy beef chips that have no carbs, low in sodium, high in protein, and 97% free of fat. They're the perfect snack for any occasion when you need energy.

Barcel Takis®

Face the intensity with Takis, the original rolled tortilla chip covered in the perfect combination of unique spiciness. It's no wonder why this award-winning chip and its iconic purple bag have become synonyms for coolness and flavor. The look of success always contains the 5 flavors in the line: Fuego, Nitro, Fajita, Guacamole and Xplosion. (Note: not available in Austin & RGV yet).

Barcel Churritos Stix®

Crispy sticks with crazy flavor in every bite! Our chile and lime or fuego flavors go hand in hand to create a great taste. (Note: not available in Austin yet).

Barcel Chicharrones®

Chicharrones Barcel® are a chile lime flavored crunchy wheat flour chip that fits perfectly in every snaking occasion. (Note: not available in Austin & RGV yet)!

Barcel Artisan Style Chips®

These kettle cooked chips have a burst of the best Latino spiciness. It's an unbeatable combination (Note: not available in Austin & RGV yet).

Takis Hot Nuts®

These are crunchy, chile and lime peanuts covered in a crunchier shell; that means double crunch in every bite. Available in 3 different spicy flavors! (Note: not available in Austin & RGV yet).

Barcel Peanuts®

Either spicy nuttiness or Japanese style, Barcel Peanuts® keeps everyone coming back for more. A must-have for anyone (Note: not available in Austin yet).